Omnivore 13/01/2010

AQ Has a New Strategy, Obama Needs One Too // ┬áBruce Hoffman/WaPo Terror On Campus // Rob Dover/KoW Military Justice and the Fear Game // Scott Horton/Harper's Magazine Afghan Recovery Report: Afghan Journalists Under Fire // Institute for War & Peace Reporting Exploring the Megastructure: Smugglers' Caves // Geoff Manaugh/BLDGBLOG I'm going to be heads … Continue reading Omnivore 13/01/2010

Omnivore 22/09/09

From Dragons to Smartphones, Jon Evans, Wired Blog How To Live Off the Grid, Nick Rosen, Wired UK Harness Maharishi Effect, Combat Cyber Attacks, Tim Stevens, Ubiwar Foul Play: The Risk of Antisocial Behavior in Online Gaming, Max Burns, Pixels and Policy Illuminating Dark Economies, Lee Billings, Seed Magazine Embrace Human Cloning, Greg Easterbrook, Wired … Continue reading Omnivore 22/09/09