Omnivore 22/09/09

From Dragons to Smartphones, Jon Evans, Wired Blog

How To Live Off the Grid, Nick Rosen, Wired UK

Harness Maharishi Effect, Combat Cyber Attacks, Tim Stevens, Ubiwar

Foul Play: The Risk of Antisocial Behavior in Online Gaming, Max Burns, Pixels and Policy

Illuminating Dark Economies, Lee Billings, Seed Magazine

Embrace Human Cloning, Greg Easterbrook, Wired Magazine

Inside the Red Book, Scott Horton, Harper’s Magazine

Googling Juror Leads to Verdict Being Overturned, Michael Masnick, Techdirt

Bold Rwanda Takes Broadband Leap, Adam Blenford, BBC News

Insect Wing Design & Deformation РEnhance Aerodynamic Function & Wing Design, John Young et al.,  Science

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