The AfPakInd Channel?

Anyone interested in tracking that other interested party to AfPaK issues - namely, India - should really read friend Eric Randolph's blog, The Kikobor. Eric just left his job as an editor with Jane's Country Risk and relocated to the subcontinent a couple of months ago to work on his freelancing career. He's been posting … Continue reading The AfPakInd Channel?

Omnivore 23/10/09

Word on the Afghan Street, Martine van Bijlert, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy The Missing General and the Phantom Army, David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy Lessons of War in Afghanistan, Fareed Zakharia/CNN/Small Wars Journal Allied Commanders Meet at JFC HQ Naples, ACO Public Affairs Office, SHAPE The Hurry Up Offense, Steven Metz, The New Republic Pervez Dispenser, Michael … Continue reading Omnivore 23/10/09

Omnivore 22/10/09

Pakistan: Countering Militancy in FATA, International Crisis Group Nothing to See Here - Move Along, Tyler Hicks, At War/New York Times  In Somalia, A New Template For Fighting Terrorism, Jeffrey Gettleman, At War/New York Times The Odd Utility of Richard Holbrooke, Daniel Drezner, Foreign Policy Pakistan: The Human Cost, Anna Husarska, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy

Omnivore 08/10/09

Afghanistan and Pakistan at the SFRC, Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Obama Meeting Advisers Amid Debate on Afghan Policy, Peter Baker & Jeff Zeleny, New York Times An "Exhilarated", "Invigorated" al Qaeda? Maybe Not, Michael Crowley, The Plank/The New Republic Afghan Taliban Say They Pose No Threat to the West, Sayed Salahuddin, Reuters Deep Denial: … Continue reading Omnivore 08/10/09

Omnivore 06/10/09

Surgical Strikes Shape Afghanistan Debate, NYT, At War/New York Times Afghan War Units Begin Two New Efforts, Yochi Dreazen, Washington Post Kabul Notes: A Journey Into Afghanistan, Bernard-Henri Levy, The New Republic General Petraeus Has Prostate Cancer, Eric Schmitt, New York Times Pakistan Index: Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security, Brookings Institute New Rules To … Continue reading Omnivore 06/10/09