Omnivore 30/09/09

Daily Brief: 30 Afghans Killed in Kandahar Roadside Bomb, Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy You Don't ALWAYS Have to Escalate, Joshua Foust, Balkh Power Struggle Leaves Locals Fearful, Ahmad Kawoosh, Institute for War & Peace Reporting Ballot Uncertainty Fuels Cynicism in Helmand, Mohammad Ilyas Dayee, Institute for War & Peace Reporting First Strategic Flight … Continue reading Omnivore 30/09/09

Omnivore 24/09/09

Tie Troops To Progress on Afghanistan's Corruption, Brookings Institute Should the United States Withdraw From Afghanistan? Cato Institute A "Better War" in Afghanistan, Center for a New American Security Shape, Clear, Hold and Build: "Uncertain Lessons of the Afghan and Iraq Wars", Centre for Security & Int'l Studies Pakistani Capabilities for a Counterinsurgency Campaign, New … Continue reading Omnivore 24/09/09

Radio Free Swat Valley

I read this op-ed in the International Herald Tribune over lunch today. More important than IHT's crisp, newly revamped layout, and more important than the snappy title of the piece,  Douglas J. Feith and Justin Polin note a missed Af-Pak  stratcom opportunity: ON March 5, in the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan, forces believed to be affiliated … Continue reading Radio Free Swat Valley