Biosphere or Bust

Apparently, for the Biosphere 2 project, it's the latter option. Check out friend Geoff Manaugh's review of the now run-down state of the facility, including some recent pictures of the site, which construction has basically been left to rot. Feral cities, indeed. Check out the glossy official Biosphere website; the pictures below tell a distinctly … Continue reading Biosphere or Bust

Omnivore 20/09/09

Investigating An E. Coli Outbreak, Palantirtech, Analysis Blog Where Government Web Sites Go To Die, Jeff Carlton, Tech News World Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaw in Wiping Out Pigs, Michael Slackman, New York Times In Praise of the Sci-Fi Corridor, Martin Anderson, Den of Geek My Business Card (Is Crap), Ron Hogan, Subtle Bluntness Images of … Continue reading Omnivore 20/09/09