Omnivore 20/09/09

Investigating An E. Coli Outbreak, Palantirtech, Analysis Blog

Where Government Web Sites Go To Die, Jeff Carlton, Tech News World

Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaw in Wiping Out Pigs, Michael Slackman, New York Times

In Praise of the Sci-Fi Corridor, Martin Anderson, Den of Geek

My Business Card (Is Crap), Ron Hogan, Subtle Bluntness

Images of Everest Expedition To Go On Display, Richard Brooks, The Times

BBC To Lose Heroes, Other American Imports?, Michael Hinman, Airlock Alpha

SciFriday: No Sci-Fi For Fall 2009?, Alan Stanley Blair, Airlock Alpha

Stargate Universe Embraces Its Destiny, Ken Denmead, Geek Dad

The Dowsing Rod That Finds Wi-Fi, Katie Scott, Wired Blog

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