Omnivore 09/10/09

Testing Obama's Doctrine, David Ignatus, Washington Post Civilian, Military Officials At Odds Over Resources For Afghanistan, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post Taliban Announces That It Poses No International Threat, Jason Burke, Guardian This Week At War: Where is Jones? Robert Haddick, Foreign Policy Britain's Strategy, Britain's Place, David Betz, Kings of War NSF Political Science Program vs. … Continue reading Omnivore 09/10/09

Apparently There’s a Taliban Problem in Quetta

Now this is interesting: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- As American troops move deeper into southern Afghanistan to fight Taliban insurgents, U.S. officials are expressing new concerns about the role of fugitive Taliban leader Mohammad Omar and his council of lieutenants, who reportedly plan and launch cross-border strikes from safe havens around the southwestern Pakistani city of … Continue reading Apparently There’s a Taliban Problem in Quetta

Omnivore 28/09/09

The Taliban in Their Own Words, Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau, Newsweek What Shapes Sanctions, David Makovsky, The New Republic A Just Withdrawal, Michael Walzer and Nicolaus Mills, The New Republic The Last Days of the Polymath, Edward Carr, Intelligent Life Lead Poisoning Found in 121 Children in China, AP/New York Times NATO and Mauritania … Continue reading Omnivore 28/09/09

Radio Free Swat Valley

I read this op-ed in the International Herald Tribune over lunch today. More important than IHT's crisp, newly revamped layout, and more important than the snappy title of the piece,  Douglas J. Feith and Justin Polin note a missed Af-Pak  stratcom opportunity: ON March 5, in the outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan, forces believed to be affiliated … Continue reading Radio Free Swat Valley