Omnivore 28/09/09

The Taliban in Their Own Words, Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau, Newsweek

What Shapes Sanctions, David Makovsky, The New Republic

A Just Withdrawal, Michael Walzer and Nicolaus Mills, The New Republic

The Last Days of the Polymath, Edward Carr, Intelligent Life

Lead Poisoning Found in 121 Children in China, AP/New York Times

NATO and Mauritania Resume Full Cooperation, NATO Newsroom

Modelling and Simulation Used to Enhance NATO, Carla Burdt, Allied Command Transformation

Is Hollywood Finally TakingVirtual Worlds Seriously? Max Burns, Pixels and Polixy

The L.A. Times Contemplates America’s Avatar Addiction, Max Burns, Pixels and Policy

What if Author Bios Were Brutally Honest? Daniel Drezner, Foreign Policy

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