Recent Reads: Metaphors, Architectures of Conflict, and Forever Wars

Since leaving the day job to focus on research and writing, I've been nose-deep in readings of one kind or another, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Some recent reads that are worth your time: ____________________________________________________________________ Metaphors We Live By. Illuminating, but infuriatingly limiting. This classic from Berkeley cognitive linguist and Democratic party framing guru George Lakoff (along … Continue reading Recent Reads: Metaphors, Architectures of Conflict, and Forever Wars

The Military-Evangelical Complex

Noted at Juan Cole's Informed Comment, as item 4 in a list of Top 10 Counterterrorism Scandals 2010: George W. Bush claimed that he had misspoken when he called his 'war on terror' a 'crusade.' But it turns out that the Michigan company that makes rifle sights for the US military inscribes them with Bible verses. … Continue reading The Military-Evangelical Complex

The Junior Officers’ Reading Club

Christopher Coker of the London School of Economics and Political Science (I always want to render the "and Political Science" in parentheticals, for some reason) has an interesting review of two new books in the Times Literary Supplement: Patrick Hennessey's The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars and James Fergusson's A Million … Continue reading The Junior Officers’ Reading Club