Potential Genetic Weapons?

This, via SSRN's Conflict Studies Abstracts: Developing an Analytical Framework for Genetic Warfare Policy R.E. Burnett ABSTRACT: Within the general notion of biological WMDs is a weapon that has been least discussed - the potential genetic weapon. Technologies that have been evolving from basic research into the molecular biology of genes and DNA/RNA are now … Continue reading Potential Genetic Weapons?

The Presidential Agenda

In the 1990s, the manifest pull of domestic and foreign policies on Presidential decision-making, and the politics that surround it, was plain as day. Has the choice between the two really been forgotten or invisible since 9/11? I want to say that for the last eight years, domestic and foreign interests were subsumed under a … Continue reading The Presidential Agenda

Omnivore 23/09/09

The Decline of the Defense Intellectual Base, Bernard Finel, Bernardfinel.com Insurgency, Swiss Made, Thomas Rid, Kings of War Fending Off Failure in Afghanistan, Editors, Room For Debate/New York Times Afghan Recovery Report: Project Highlights, Jean Mackenzie, Institute for War & Peace Reporting The Ultimate AfPak Reading List, Peter Bergen, The AfPak Channel Challenges From Deployment, … Continue reading Omnivore 23/09/09

Omnivore 21/09/09

Panther's Claw Troops Back in UK, BBC News Roboboat? C.J. Chivers, At War McChrystal Calls For More Troops to Avoid Afghan Failure, Eric Schmitt and Tom Shanker, New York Times Afghanistan Statebuilding, Jon Western, Duck of Minerva Assess the Debate For Yourself, Bernard Finel, BernardFinel.com They Will Mobilize If We Leave... And If  We Stay, … Continue reading Omnivore 21/09/09