No-Go Areas in the UK?

Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester, “Extremism Flourished As UK Lost Christianity,” Telegraph (7 January 2008). To scathing response, the Nazir-Ali, “the Church’s only Asian bishop”, criticized the emergence of Muslim-dominated  – and noisy – “no-go areas” as a consequence of multiculturalist ghettoization, official secularism, and the “multifaith ‘mish mash’ “. He also warned of dire consequences if “Britain does not recover that vision of its destiny which made it great”, bemoaning the loss of Christian preeminence.  Interesting use of the term “no-go area”, which was commonly applied to nationalist dominated areas of Northern Ireland like Derry and South Armagh during The Troubles. For follow-up and what looks like some extensive reader response, see Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Bishop Warns of No-Go Zones For Non-Muslims,” Telegraph (7 January 2008).

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