Skynet Research Call For Robotic Designs

Alternate Title: Submit to Skynet Now… the Privacy and Terms of Use links at the bottom of the site connect to Warner Brothers, so I guess this is supposed to be part of the marketing shtick for the new Terminator: Salvation movie. Other than that, though, there aren’t any links to trailers or anything else that might be an obvious part of the Terminator universe.

The flick looks incredible. This site, well, a little flat… like something you’d see in an earlier Schwarzie movie  – I’m thinking of in-movie marketing for memory implants in Total Recall – rather than something more up to date. Not passe enough to be retro. Maybe I’ll warm to it. Anyway, while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for Skynet’s human tracking and targeting system email updates.

A quick check on the webs tells me I’m a few weeks late in picking up on the viral marketing for the movie. Sigh. Oh well, enjoy – a trailer for the game, instead of the talking pictures:


Why am I posting this, you ask? Yes, there’s more to it than a childhood predilection for sci-fi. There’s an adult predilection for it, too, masquerading as scholarly interest in the framing and ethics of battlespace regulatory regimes – which feels increasingly like the suspension of human judgment is in part about the automation of cybernetics, robotics, etc. We’re going to be hosting a symposium on the subject here in a few weeks, so stay tooned tuned.

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One thought on “Skynet Research Call For Robotic Designs

  1. After I scrolled down, looked at some of the robot images and read the company overview, I laughed to myself because I was reminded of Cyberspace Systems, the research and development firm that made the killer robots in the Terminator movies.

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