An Open Challenge to NATO

One of the more interesting online think tank initiatives, the Atlantic Community, got in touch with us a few days ago and kindly extended an invitation to help promote a new media initiative and participate in an extended discussion of the organization. The message was accompanied by a disclaimer that the email “is part of a service project conducted in cooperation with NATO” – I guess the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO Headquarters in Brussels is ramping up its social media engagement via partners like this one.

The message:

Dear CTlab,

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has released three online video spots designed to make the Alliance’s core values interesting for young people.

You can find the videos, and other relevant information here:

We would like you to join our debate on whether NATO is successful in its mission amongst changing global security priorities, and would be delighted if you could feature one of the videos on your blog together with your thoughts, ideas, or criticisms about it, to help spark discussion.

You can also follow the debate taking place on

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

With best regards,

The Atlantic Community Team

Happy to oblige, but we’ll do one better. Here’s a challenge, direct to NATO PDD via The Atlantic Community: we’ll host a virtual symposium right here at CTlab, on a subject of PDD’s choice – like, say, the new Strategic Concept. We’ll ensure a healthy cohort of subject matter experts and scholars from around the world. All PDD has to do is provide one representative – preferably a public face of NATO like this one – to participate.

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