Overheard at the Abu Muqawama Water Cooler…

…otherwise known as the comments section. From “Andrew”, who referred to “that bunch of Euro-weenies at KoW (which I say not just because they are east of the Atlantic, but also because they seem weenie-ish).” The response from SNLII: “First, Andrew, KoW’s Dave Betz isn’t European. He’s Canadian, and a former enlisted NCO, which means that he has balls the size of Copenhagen and twice the sperm count of every man in Paris, combined.”

Being of an almost identical ilk I can only agree, in principle, to the real world significance of Canadian content. 😉

With apologies to Matt, for the hypocrisy. Editorial prerogative. Don’t ask.

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  1. Well, nice to see you sticking up for our compatriots, boss.

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