Omnivore 1

Underestimating Al Qaeda, Lawrence Wright, The New Yorker

It’s Always The Fixer Who Dies, George Packer, The New Yorker

The Architect of 911:  Mohammad Ata, Daniel Brook, Slate

Reality Check: Human Terrain Teams, Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy

An Agenda For NATO: Toward A Global Security Web, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Foreign Affairs

Where’s Bin Laden? Peter Bergen, The Af-Pak Channel

Sci-Fi Surgery, Michael Conroy, Wired UK

SAS Trains Lybian Troops, Thomas Harding, Daily Telegraph

The Odd Couple: Carl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, and Mystic Numbers, Georgina Ferry, Times Literary Supplement

MI6 Officer Investigated Over Torture Allegation, Richard Norton-Taylor & Ian Cobain, The Guardian

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