Time Lags, Virtual Desync, and Spatial Dissonance

I think Tim’s on to something with this. I’ve been chewing on it for a few days now; essentially, the virtual metaphor in this has obvious application to tactile realities… more, it’s anchored in them. I’m not sure I agree with Virilio’s assertion that the interruption in question “plays more on temporality than on space”, which is awkward, given that temporality is a form of space; but I’ll defer to Tim’s greater knowledge of the author. Where I think we agree is the understanding that treating physical locations as spatial determinants elides important elements of a larger picture; that social constructions of space fill more than one dimension and offer a more holistic and fruitful way of looking at things; and that the interface between nets, webs, and our understanding of the spaces in between suggest intriguing pathways for inquiry.

One thought on “Time Lags, Virtual Desync, and Spatial Dissonance

  1. What Virilio is saying is part of his more general idea that as communication approaches zero-time it negates the significance of physical distance. If we could fly across the Atlantic in a few minutes, how would we perceive the space in between London and New York? Not much, Virilio would argue. That time-as-space is still habitable, but in a very different way – ungrounded, nomadic, etc.

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