Sanctuary, Reloaded

Alright, there’s a pretty animated back-and-forth going on between Ex, Bernard Finel, and the pros at the new go-to-blog on COIN issues, Ink Spots, on whether or not a larger troop commitment to Afghanistan is actually going to fix anything. Quite a bit of it digs into sanctuary/safe haven issues, which of course gets my attention.

Finel, to my relief, is talking good sense on the subject, too, so if anyone out there is listening, go read it. I’d tell Finel so, too, in his comments section, if it wasn’t for the fact that comments are apparently by invitation only – try as I might, I can’t get past the username/password log-in requirement  that keeps popping up.

I also can’t really afford the time to weigh in right now because I’m, well,  on a deadline to get a feature on militant sanctuaries in to Janes Intelligence Review.  I promise to weigh in by the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary, Reloaded

  1. Anyone should be able to register for the site to leave comments. You just need to register before commenting… should be instantaneous though.

    But thank you for your kind words, and I’ll see if I can adjust the settings to make commenting easier.

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