Ground Truths at the AfPak Channel [UPDATED]

As of today, I’m a contributor at Foreign Policy magazine’s excellent AfPak Channel, edited by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann of the New America Foundation. My initial blurb is on David Martin’s 60 Minutes interview with COMISAF, General Stanley McChrystal, and a response to Michael O’Hanlon’s comments in the New York Times on the lack of face time between Obama and McChrystal. Stay tuned: I’ll be writing more about “The Two NATOs”, Fobbitism, and Afghanistan.

I’m writing on UK time right now; I’ll add direct links as soon as the piece is up (after our North American cousins get done with their morning coffee…).

UPDATE:  It was just posted – you can read it here.

6 thoughts on “Ground Truths at the AfPak Channel [UPDATED]

  1. Hey Drew, thanks. It might not be up until later in day (East Coast North American time), actually – Katherine Tiedemann mentioned getting it up there so that it’d be at the top of the page for the weekend, which means if there’s a queue of pieces to go up, it’ll be last in line. 🙂

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