Omnivore 25/09/09

UK Strategy & Defence Policy: Have Your Say, David Betz, Kings of War

The Army Wants Your Comments, Robert Haddick, Small Wars Journal

A Real Plot and Real CT, Bernard Finel,

Crossfire Forces Wardak Farmers Off Land, Habiburahman Ibrahimi, Afghan Recovery Report/IWPR

Yet Another “Bribe The Tribes” Pundit, Joshua Foust,

Storm Warnings on the Petraeus-ometer, Thomas Ricks, Best Defense/Foreign Policy

Legitimacy and the Afghan Army, Steve Coll, Think Tank/The New Yorker

White House Seeks To Avoid Another Vietnam, Tim Reid, The Times

Masters of Chaos Thrive on Bombs and Charity, James Hider, The Times

The Front Line in Somalia, Jeffrey Gettleman, At War/New York Times

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